Historical Snap Shot of Grand Marais, MI

Grand Marais is one of the oldest place-names on the Great Lakes. The name is French for "big marsh", which is puzzling as there is no marsh here. Historians believe that French mapmakers confused "marais" with another, similar-sounding word found on old maps, "maré", which means "sheltered body of water". The early voyageurs definitely sheltered here on their way to the western end of Lake Superior.

The Chippewa fished along the shoreline here for many years before the arrival of settlers in the 1860s. A trading post was established at the eastern end of the bay, commercial fishing boats began to ply the waters, and by the 1880s, the lumbermen were moving in. A rail line was established from Seney, and Grand Marais boomed as a lumber town between 1885 and 1910. 

At its peak, approximately 3,000 people lived here. By 1911, the boom was over, the tracks were taken up, and the population dwindled to about 200. Lean years followed, until a resurgence of commercial fishing and the opening of M-77 in the 1920s brought more prosperity. Tourists began to discover the natural beauty of the area. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore opened in 1966, and today Grand Marais is a popular tourist destination. Find out more at the Grand Marais Chamber of Commerce.

Hotel Grand Marais Built in 1883

Year Purchased: 2000

About the owner: Historic Hotel Grand Marais Vacation Rental is owned by Stu Stuart. Stu is a tour producer, specializing in beer tours of Belgium and Bamberg, Germany. For more information, please visit: Belgianbeerme.com Bambergbeerme.com I also spend a large part of each summer living on Mackinac Island. The building is closed in the winter months. During this time, Stu resides in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Why the Owner Chose Grand Marais, MI, USA: 
I purchased this historic building in 2000 because I wanted a vacation home in this beautiful harbor town of Grand Marais, which I had visited many times. With a Herculean effort and plenty of blind ambition, I completely remodeled the building with new plumbing, electrical, paint and overall design, while maintaining its historic and architectural integrity. I am certain you will enjoy its comfort, location and charm.

The Unique Benefits at this Apartment: 
The building features the warm and comfortable Historic Hotel Grand Marais Vacation Rental on the ground floor on the west side. On the east side is a retail space formerly known as Campbell Street Gallery. The space now is part of our private residence and serves as the home office of Belgian Beer Me! Beer Tours. Upstairs is a two-bedroom loft, which is the owners quarters, aka, Governor's Suite, and where we stay when we visit Grand Marais. It has a separate private entrance. The name Historic Hotel Grand Marais Vacation Rental is a nod to the past when the building was first built in 1883 and was a hotel and lumber company office. Located only one block form main street and two blocks to the bay and Lake Superior, it is the perfect location for a relaxing, memorable and fun vacation.